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Classes Offered (age suggestions are listed next to class title)

  • Ballet/Hip Hop Basics
  • Ballet Beginning
  • Hip Hop Beginning
  • Ballet I
  • Hip Hop I
  • Ballet II/III
  • Hip Hop II/III
  • Contemporary
  • Buti Yoga for Teens & Adults
  • Virtual & Outdoor Private & Small Group Lessons Available

Ballet/Hip Hop Basics – (ages 2.5 – 4) An introduction to dance through exploration. Learn the basics of rhythm, dynamic variation, and tempo in this foundational dance class. Ballet terms and hip hop basics are introduced using upbeat music and imagination to inspire dancers’ joy in movement and discovery. CDA’s Sliding Scale Kids Dance class currently is modeled after Ballet/Hip Hop Basics.

Ballet Beginning – (ages 3 – 6) First steps to ballet with a focus on learning basic movements, improving balance, and learning simple dance phrases. Utilizing vivid imagery, children will stretch like a rainbow, leap over puddles, and reach for the stars. 

Ballet I – (ages 5 – 8) A fun approach to ballet where children build upon their first steps. Dancers begin to understand the foundation of ballet technique and learn 8 count combinations for plie, tendu, releve, small jumps. Learn choreography and skip, chasse, and leap to your heart’s content!

Ballet II/III – (ages 7+) Dancers begin recognizing musical patterns, learn 16 to 32 count combinations, and build upon strength and flexibility. Dancers challenge themselves to try more intricate steps and combinations and become confident with petit allegro, pirouettes, and memorizing choreography.

Hip Hop Beginning – (ages 3 – 6) This high energy class encourages students to stretch their imagination, exaggerate their movements, and align dance steps to upbeat music. First steps to hip hop emphasizes big bold moves and self-expression. Strike a pose! 

Hip Hop I – (ages 5 – 8) A fun approach to hip hop where children build upon their first steps. Dancers build agility and improve coordination as they try out fancier footwork across the floor. This class invites students to challenge themselves to learn 8 – 16 count combinations while performing with confidence.

Hip Hop II/III – (ages 7 – 11) Make a move! Building upon a hip hop foundation, dancers begin to understand the importance of core strength and moving with agility. Dancers begin to recognize different musical patterns and memorize choreography in a fun and challenging environment. 

Contemporary – (ages 7+) Express yourself! Dancers warm up with combinations to focus on balance, weight change, and coordination. In addition to learning the importance of strength and flexibility, dancers learn choreography, recognize different musical patterns, and are challenged to create. The dance floor is your canvas.

Buti Yoga – (teens & adults) This calorie-scorching workout fuses power yoga with cardio-intensive tribal dance + body sculpting movement. Through the flow of yoga asanas and spiral structure technique we strengthen the deep abdominal muscles and create overall muscle tone. Dance it out and sweat with intention in this invigorating and fun movement style. 

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