“Artistry in Community, Community in Artistry”

The mission of CANVAS Dance Arts is to provide an inclusive, positive environment that helps students grow and develop a passion for the performing arts. Through our diverse teaching styles we inspire and motivate dancers at any stage of their journey, from beginning their first dance class to working towards individual fitness goals to gaining confidence on stage. CANVAS Dance Arts is a community for dancers and their families to create, connect, and explore.

Through group class participation, individual practice, and positive coaching, students become well rounded, confident dancers. CANVAS Dance Arts serves its community as an outlet for individual artistry and collaboration on creative projects.

Meet the Co Founders

Meet Ms Simone! She has been teaching dance and movement in the Bay Area for over 10 years. Simone van der Meer is a passionate artist who encourages self-expression, versatility, and confidence in all her classes. She has staged and costumed multiple productions for dancers of all ages. From online, to outdoor, to the studio, Simone approaches each moment with spirit and creativity. 

Meet Miss Angela! She teaches with passion and patience to students of all ages – from toddlers to teens to seniors. A San Francisco native, Angela Yuen Uyeda shares the joy of dance in studios, public & private schools. She has performed on stages across the United States and met audiences from all walks of life. Be it private lessons or groups of 50+, she looks forward to keeping the arts a priority in each student’s life.

CANVAS creation story: Simone and Angela each established their own dance careers in San Francisco as dance instructors and performers, but their paths finally crossed in July 2015. Together, they choreographed, directed, and stage managed several youth productions, including The Sleeping Beauty, The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, and The Little Mermaid. In 2020, in-studio teaching came to a halt due to a global health crisis. Simone and Angela quickly shifted to teaching virtual and outdoor lessons and created dance video content for their students and families to make dance accessible outside of the studio. In 2021, CANVAS Dance Arts was formed and their complementary styles of dynamic dance instruction, family-friendly choreography, and community engagement became the foundation for a new performing arts program. They look forward to bringing artistry to their community and community to their artistry.

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