Class Descriptions

Ballet and Hip Hop classes offered for Preschool and School-aged dancers

IN STUDIO First Steps

Ballet/Hip Hop Basics

(ages 3 – 4, 4 – 5) An introduction to dance through exploration and creative movement. Upbeat music and imagination inspire dancers’ joy in movement and discovery.

DANCEmix Beginning

(ages 4 – 6) Learn the basics of rhythm and explore different moves in this foundational dance class. Hip Hop and Ballet are introduced as a combo for all dancers.

Ballet Beginning

(ages 4 – 6) First steps to ballet! Improve balance and learn simple dance phrases while utilizing vivid imagery. Stretch like a rainbow, leap over puddles, and reach for the stars.

Hip Hop Beginning

(ages 4 – 6) This high energy class encourages children to stretch their imagination and align steps to the beat. Learn to create big bold moves and develop self-expression.

Basics & Beginning classes are 40 minutes.

Ballet/Hip Hop Basics and Mini Session Beginning classes conclude with an in-studio showing.

Full session Ballet Beginning and Hip Hop Beginning classes perform once annually. Sessions without a performance conclude with an in-studio showing.


Ballet I

(ages 5 – 8) A fun approach to ballet where children learn 8-16 count combinations and practice plie, tendu, releve, and small jumps. Rehearse choreography and skip, chasse, and leap to your heart’s content! 

Ballet II

(ages 7 – 10) Build upon strength and flexibility, learn 16 count combinations, and try more intricate steps. Students learn petit allegro, first steps to pirouettes, and are challenged to memorize choreography.

Ballet III

(ages 9+) Strength, coordination, and musicality are emphasized. Learn 24 – 32 count combinations at the barre. Jumps, pirouettes, and choreography are learned at a faster pace. 

Hip Hop I

(ages 5 – 8) A fun approach to hip hop where dancers build agility, improve coordination, and practice footwork. Students are challenged to learn 8 – 16 count combinations while performing with confidence. Strike a pose!

Hip Hop II

(ages 7 – 10) Make a move! Building upon a hip hop foundation, dancers begin to understand the importance of core strength and moving with agility. Dancers are challenged to memorize choreography at an intermediate pace.

Hip Hop III

(ages 9+) Stamina, coordination, and musicality are emphasized. Students are challenged to learn 24 – 32 count combinations, and perform intricate footwork and formation changes.

Level I and II classes are 50 minutes. Level III classes are 60 minutes. Instructor approval is required for students new to CANVAS Dance Arts entering Levels I, II, and III.

Dancers spend at least two or three years at each level. Levels I+ and II+ may be offered for ages 7.5+ and 9.5+.

Full session Levels classes perform twice annually. Mini sessions without a scheduled performance conclude with an in-studio showing.



(ages 9+) Collaborate with your peers and instructors to create small scale dance productions. Dancers will explore various dance styles and characterization through immersive storytelling and group choreography. Small group and solo pieces give everyone a chance in the spotlight.


(ages 16+) For adults who have always wanted to dance, these follow-along dance workouts make choreography fun and accessible. Students will learn foundational movements, musicality, and routines that are performance ready! Hip Hop cardio and other styles offered throughout the year.

DANCEproduction class is 90 minutes once a week. Fall session concludes with an in-studio production of “Night at the Museum” and group dance in the winter performance. Spring session concludes with an in-studio production and group dance in the spring performance.

DANCEfit classes are 40 minutes and scheduled as mini sessions. Stay tuned for stage opportunities.

See you on the dance floor!

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